Milestone seems to have had many new features in store for MotoGP 20. The annual edition of the motorcycle racing title places a particular focus on team management. So here is the new feature Junior Team.

"For all fans who love career mode, abbiamo added a brand new feature: Junior Team. "

To create one Junior Team players must race in the Moto2 or MotoGP class. During the season, new cards in the career hub will introduce team building. The rule is simple: you can open teams in lower classes to make them run in the next season. You will not only be a pilot, but also a mentor and a Team Principal for a new generation of young talents!

A team needs a Team Manager, whose skills will influence the ability to attract sponsors and hire good drivers. While the Technical Director, will affect the bike's development and track performance over the weekend.

The offers of the sponsorship they include motorcycles, funding, results targets and being careful to find the right balance. You can hire one or two drivers, with their skill set, and watch them grow within your team.

Speaking of development, you can improve your results by investing money to get travel discounts or train your pilots or engineers. This will have different results, but an efficient team must seek perfection in all the details.

And after all the planning, all the hopes and expectations, the day of the race arrives. The red lights go out and the track will pronounce its verdict! You can simulate the race of your Junior Team but it is more fun to follow it live, to cheer for your drivers, fearing every corner to get the rewards for your efforts!

The new function is now available on versions PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Google Stadia of MotoGP 20.