At a recent meeting between the big shots of Nintendo and the shareholders, some of the latter brought to the table a more than legitimate question regarding the next Nintendo console:

“Could you tell us about your next system? Gaming hardware has always shown an image inside a TV or other type of screen, and I think this is the limit of the current format. Do you think your hardware can go beyond these limits? "

Nintendo SwitchTo answer this question - which in a very veiled way goes to include topics like the Virtual reality - the current intervened President Shuntaro Furukawa and Executive Director Ko Shiota:

“Our current console, Nintendo Switch, has entered its fourth year of life, but its momentum continues to grow. We believe there are two factors behind this. The first is the existence of two hardware configurations with distinct features, Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. The second factor is Nintendo's priority in focusing resources on developing a single platform. We want to extend the Nintendo Switch life cycle and at the same time maximize these benefits. " (Furukawa)

“In addition to the performance, Nintendo's platforms are developed with a focus on offering consumers a comfortable environment to play. As for the prospect of playing with a closed image on a TV, we believe that the possibility of playing with Nintendo Switch on a TV or on the console screen has greatly increased the possibilities of entertainment during various life situations, also compared to previous consoles. Through Nintendo Switch, we have further deepened the “where a console dedicated to video games can enter the daily life of a consumer. On social networks, we see scenes where a child and his family sit about to the console to play, and this renews the way we see our gaming platforms. We will use these experiences with caution in designing our future console. " (Ko Shiota)

In short, there has not been much talk about this infamous new Nintendo console, and not even a possible Nintendo Switch Pro, but it is still clear how the Kyoto house will treasure the experience obtained with Nintendo Switch and how gaming can be brought outside the home.