The first steps taken by Amazon in the world of video games they cannot be said to be lucky. The period is not the best for the production of new titles, especially if you are a studio that comes from a half flop like that of Crucible

The repercussions of the pandemic did not spare anyone, and among the victims of the problems caused by the Coronavirus now there is also New World. The MMO of Amazon Game studio it was postponed August 2020 to spring 2021. 

The announcement was made with a long post on Twitter by the editor of New World Rich Lawrence on July 10. As far as he writes, the team takes more time to perfect the title and make the game experience better in the intermediate and final stages.

Despite the postponement, the message ensures that the beta testers and players who made the pre-order will be able to access the game's beta from the original launch date, August 25, 2020.