For the Ubisoft Forward the opening of the open beta of Hyper scape. It is a first person shooter, battle royal and free to play.

Hyper Scape is set in 2054, in a despotic future in which the Earth is covered by huge gray metropolises. To escape this reality, the Prisma Dimensions company has created a virtual reality, the Hyper Scape. Specifically the game takes place in the city of New Arcadia, where players collide in a challenge called Crown Rush.

During the event some gameplay features were shown such as the hack, special abilities that players will find on the map and that will allow them to unlock different abilities.

Additionally Ubisoft has created one extension for Twitch, in order to allow viewers who will attend Hyper Scape games to interact by coding the conditions of the battlefield. Spectator ratings will affect every aspect of the game, from gravity to ammunition.

Hyper Scape open beta is available today, July 12, 2020, for PC, for free.