Tales of Crestory is available for systems Android e iOs.

As announced by Bandai Namco, the chapter for mobile devices of the famous JRPG it can be downloaded from today on your Android and iOs devices.

In Tales of Crestoria we will check Misella e Kanata, engaged in a long journey in search of redemption and in the escape from a world that wants them eliminate, as you consider criminals.

The title of Bandai Namco is characterized by the turn-based combat, typical of Japanese RPGs; during the fights, Kanata can resort to deadly combo relying on characters belonging to the other chapters Tales of, obtainable with shopping in-game.

Here the download for free for the Android version of Tales of Crestoria; to this address instead, the iOs version.

Waiting for Tales of Arise, this chapter is sure to keep fans of the saga happy.