Bungie has officially communicated than the new expansion of Destiny 2, Beyond the Light, it will be returned to November 10. The developers justified the delay with the desire to perfect the expansion.

From the blog we read:

“As the first chapter of a new trilogy of expansions, Oltre la Luce marks the beginning of a new era of Destiny 2. A very interesting and amazing new features await the players. As always, our aim is to create a fantastic and fun expansion for our fans. It is for this reason, that is, to do what is best for the game, that we prefer to postpone the launch. "
The expansion was originally supposed to come out on September 22th. Although the expansion has been postponed, the Content Vaulting however, it will begin on this date.
“The past few months have represented a huge challenge that will continue during this pandemic. We learned to create together in a different way, physically distant from each other. Despite the obstacles, we want to continue to guarantee a level of quality that fully satisfies our fans."