The Last of Us 2 has been at the center of many criticisms, more or less sensible, but one of the first problems he had to face was the accusation of crunch time during the development of the same by Naughty Dog.

Already months and months ago there was talk of grueling working hours for developers, with accusations against Neil Druckmann and the "upper floors" of the software house. Druckmann himself returned to the subject during interview, taking up the words of a Kotaku journalist who had also described the work environment as "toxic".

Neil Druckmann therefore admitted that he was unable to balance work well with the well-being and life of his employees, but that the extra work was not only the result of his requests. The vice-president of Naughty Dog has in fact declared that the love for the job has led many employees to work of their own free will on the game beyond normal working hours, especially when it came to implementing the accessibility functions.

Despite this, Neil still promised that for the next games it will change its approach and who will ask for external help to manage some aspects of his study, to avoid too much stress for employees.

At the moment only words, but the intentions seem to be good. What do you think?