One of the reasons that led Xbox to be seen as "inferior" to PlayStation, especially in Japan where the Microsoft console always sells very little, is attributable to the bad support from Japanese software houses. Fortunately, this thing with Xbox Series X will change, at least from what I learned from the words of Phil Spencer.

The head of the Xbox division has indeed stated that Microsoft has a definite plan for rebuild the trust of Japanese developers, which we can verify already on 23 July. These are his passwords:

“We know there is still work to be done to rebuild the trust of the Japanese development teams, but I am proud of what we will show on July 23rd. We also have a roadmap for working directly with Japanese software houses on major Xbox Series X games. In the future, you will hear a lot about it. ”

Things seem to change compared to the past: with Xbox Series X Microsoft wants also focus heavily on the lands of the rising sun. The trust of Japanese software houses and services like Project XCloud could hit the target.