After the case The Last of Us Part 2, Metacritic - the world's most popular review aggregator - continues its crusade against Bombing Review, by imposing a waiting time before allowing users to review a title that has just been released through the section User Score.

Metacritic User Score Review BombingFrom today, if you want to express your opinion on a new game, you will have to wait 36 hours from day one, thus giving players time to try the title. Interviewed by Kotaku, a site representative commented on this new one strategy:

“We recently implemented the 36-hour wait time for all user reviews in our gaming section, to make sure our players have time to play before writing their reviews. This new addition was the result of research driven by data and inputs from critics and industry experts. "

Will it be enough? This maneuver will manage to stem the phenomenon of Review Bombing, or will throw even more gas on the fire? We just have to wait for the next releases, or at least, the arrival on the market of controversial securities.