With a post on his profile LinkedIn Riot Games creative director Jason Killingsworth has announced that he has resigned from his position at the League of Legends developer company.

The working relationship between Riot and Killingsworth had lasted six years, in which the creative director had mainly dealt with the company's flagship game. He was responsible for the development and organization of the in game events of league of legends, as well as supporting LoL's export scene.

The decision was due to Killingsworth's willingness to focus on his company, Tune & Fairweather. Founded in October 2017, it is now focused on its first project, You Died, funded through a $ 126.000 Kickstarter. 

In the post mentioned above, Killingsworth also thanked his former colleagues:

“I couldn't be more grateful for the investment than that Riot did in developing my career. I started as a writer and left as a creative director. I had some of the best masters -Kieran Weir, Tom Bramwell, Ben Noskeau, John Battle- who challenged and encouraged me at the same time. "