Halo Infinite has made a lot of talk about itself, unfortunately not for the reasons hoped for by Microsoft and 343 Industries. The graphic sector in fact seemed mediocre, so much so as to appear even lower than that of Halo Reach, released in 2010.

To catch the social wave also thinks about it Domino's Pizza, known American chain of pizzerias, which with a social post makes irony precisely on the graphics of the new adventure of Master Chief.

As we can see from the image we have well detailed half pizza on the left side, which represents the current generation of consoles, and the other half pixelated, which would represent the next gen. The phrase with its hashtag "Don't worry Chief, Domino's never disappoints #haloinfinite"Makes it clear how the chain intentionally" attacked "Microsoft and 343 Industries.

Irony, certainly, but apparently currently Halo Infinite is really known more for graphics than for everything else.