The Last of UsThe Last of Us Part 2 divided the audience between those who called it an absolute masterpiece and those who nipped it for various reasons, more or less valid. But what cannot fail to put everyone in agreement is undoubtedly the very high level technical realization an impressive number of people worked on.

In fact, the production involved a total of 2332 people (2169 developers and 163 collaborators), clearly not all Sony and Naughty Dog employees: a total of 14 studios have worked on The Last of Us Part 2, each with its role. To give some examples, two studios have dealt with dubbing and sound editing while another has been commissioned to take care of combat sounds and weapons only. An availability that has helped to create a title finished to the detail and incredibly accessible also from the point of view of the gameplay.

The Last of Us Part 2 was the best-selling title during the month of June, ranking third among the best-selling games of 2020 and eighth in terms of sales in the last twelve months.