As promised by the development team, a patch dedicated to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions di Assetto Corsa Competizione. Among the various added features and fixed problems there is also a performance boost on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.



  • Fixed crashes that occurred while logging in and out of a ride
  • Fixed problems displaying network messages if disconnected during Special Events
  • Fixed localization issues related to in-game ratings
  • Fixed some incorrect entries under some commands, in the commands and bindings menu.
  • Performance improvement on PRO models (PS4 Pro and Xbox One X)


  • Added a warning to remind the user to update the firmware of their steering wheel
  • Fixed various connection and steering wheel issues
  • Correction of Force Feedback for a feeling more suited to the console experience
  • Corrections in "Steering Linearity" options
  • "Road effects" now affect Force Feedback
  • Some display modes are no longer accessible via keyboard

Certainly worthy of note is the possibility from now on of being able to organize private servers where you can host your online Assetto Corsa Competizione sessions.