The new appointment with Free is Beautiful it is full of exploration and genre roguelike. From today, until next week, it will be possible to redeem for free (again thanks to theEpic Games Store) the following titles:

Following in Megaman's footsteps, 20XX is a roguelike platformer where each level will be generated procedurally, making each game different. And with beyond 100 power-ups and the ability to customize your run, the title will offer you hundreds of hours of fun. The game also supports a co-operative mode in crossplay between Epic Games and Steam.

Adopting the artistic style of Minecraft, Barony it's a return to roguelike salsa from the first person classic RPGs. Developed as a tribute to games like Ultima Underworld, System Shock and Daggerfall, this title is playable not only in single player, but also in co-op mode with your friends.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery it is an adventure full of action and exploration, with a high-level audio component. Go through a small mythological realm, use the sword to fight and summon the "Sworcery" to solve mystical musical puzzles. The title contains an entire music album consisting of Jim guthrie.

All these titles are redeemable by visiting the games pages or the main page of theEpic Games Store.