The Last of Us will soon become a TV series, but what can we expect? Not a 1: 1 copy of the video games, but a story that will expand the narrative universe.

Craig Mazin, the producer of the nascent HBO TV series and already author of the award-winning Chernobyl, wanted to congratulate the Naughty Dog team for their excellent work on The Last of Us Part 2, but not only. Mazin has in fact released a small statement about the nature of the TV series which will soon go into production, announced that its story will expand what we already know.

“I think fans are concerned that when an IP's rights are licensed to someone else, they don't understand it and want to upset it. This is why I am working with the one who created it (Druckmann), so the changes we will make are designed to fill in the gaps and expand the story. We are not talking about upsetting, but about expanding ”.

Can we therefore expect a coherent and exciting story like the one told in the exclusive PlayStation? Let's keep our fingers crossed.