Nioh 2 updates to version 1.11, and introduces the first paid DLC called "The disciple of Tengu". What news have been introduced?

The second iteration of the brand has improved the general experience of the first title, introducing some welcome news such as the Oni form (we leave you our review) and now, a few months after launch, here is a new important update accompanied by the first real DLC. This, first among paid content included in the Season Pass, takes place in the new coastal region of Yashima of the Heian Period, taking the player back in time. Here is the official description of "The disciple of Tengu":

• Test your strength in over 10 missions in three new areas;
• Take on unique bosses, new Yokai and ruthless variants of enemies;
• Master a new and deadly type of weapon, the Splitstaff, and protect yourself with powerful new armor;
• Find and unleash new destructive Guardian Spirits, Yokai, Ninjutsu abilities and more.

To access this new storyline content, you must first finish the main story, so we advise you to get well prepared for this DLC.

The update 1.11 introduces, among other things, the function “Demon Parade Picture Scroll“, New spells and ninja techniques, as well as new aesthetic options for your avatar.

Are you ready to return to Japan fantasy made in Team Ninja?