Despite commercial failure and the problems encountered in the performance, Hideki Kamiya would be willing to develop a sequel for The Wonderful 101.

Hideki Kamiya Platinum GamesDuring a recent one interview the director of Platinum Games confessed that the idea of ​​a possible Super Sentai-themed Beat 'em up sequel has been for a long time a fixed nail, and how it scares you:

"In the past, I've always had a tendency to set a limit to the game, let's say about 10, and during development that 10 became 11, then 12, 13 and 14 ... I feel that with The Wonderful 101 it went like this and I think that , for the next we should make it bigger and better. When I think of the word sequel, and think of the final result of the original, I would be frightened if we could overcome that limit that we imposed ourselves on. "

In short, for now the idea of ​​a sequel has not yet materialized, but taking into consideration the success of the campaign Kickstarter and the huge investment from Tencent, a sequel could come for real.