Despite a long period of testing, neither Microsoft nor Google managed to convince Apple. In a recent statement a Business Insider, a company representative confirmed that iOS devices will not support Project xCloud and Google Stadia. So if you want to enter the world of streaming gaming, you will have to get an Android.

The reason behind this rejection is the impossibility for these services to respect the policy of the US multinational. Apple requires that every single game released on their devices be reviewed and tested to "protect customers and provide a transparent and fair development environment". Since xCloud and Stadia include entire libraries of dozens of titles available out of the box, this type of control cannot be guaranteed.

This form of closure has attracted the criticism by Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games. The man had moved criticism of the monopoly of the market mobile as early as July, and now claims Apple's policies prevent the emergence of sharing and cross-platform ecosystems. However, streaming gaming has a lot of potential: who knows if Apple will remain firm on its ideals in the future or if, possibly, will change his mind.