Long before the official announcement, Resident evil village has been the victim of numerous leaks, including one that unveiled almost the entire content of the first trailer quite early. Now that Capcom has unveiled the long-awaited sequel to RE7, more rumors are popping up on the net through various sources. Exactly a month ago there was talk of alleged release date and the longevity of the work, while now the specialized site Biohazard Declassified shared what could be a accurate summary of the prologue and dangers that await us in the early stages.

Warning: the next paragraph contains potential spoilers

According to reports, the story of Resident Evil Village begins shortly after the conclusion of the seventh chapter. Ethan e Mia they were cured of the plague and now live in peace with their daughter Rose. Everything changes, however, when Chris Redfield suddenly appears in their home. The soldier kills the woman and kidnaps father and daughter, loading them into a van headed for who knows where. An accident allows the protagonist to free himself and reach a small refuge, in which he meets the old man seen in the trailer. Exactly as shown in the latter, the individual does not survive long and is killed by some new creatures.

The enemies you face in the Resident Evil Village prologue will be the much-talked-about werewolf-like beasts. According to the leak, these monsters will try to surround the player and put it with its back to the wall before attacking it directly. You will also have to deal with a "Gorilla man“, A gigantic creature that wields an ax and appears to control other opponents.

As with any rumor, please wait for official announcements by Capcom before giving credit to this information. Resident Evil Village will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC in 2021.