Animal Crossing: New Horizons shows no signs of stopping its run for success. In Japan, it became the third best-selling game ever.

with over 7.150.000 copies sold in Japanese territory, the new chapter of the saga born on Nintendo 64 exceeds the thirty-year sales record set by Super Mario Bros, placing itself in third position on the podium of best-selling titles ever in Japan. Below you can see the top 20:

We can see how most of the games in the ranking are titles created or landed on Nintendo consoles and how, without surprise, the two best-selling titles are two chapters of the Pokémon brand. Pokémon Gold / Silver has in fact held the second position since 1999, but New Horizons could override it over the months given the little gap in sales. It will be much more difficult to dethrone Pokémon Red / Green / Blue which, with over 10.000.000 copies sold, remains the best-selling video game in the land of the Rising Sun.

What do you think of this classification? Will Animal Crossing: New Horizons be able to climb even higher?