Halo InfiniteHalo Infinite, as already briefly mentioned in some previous statements by 343 Industries, it will not have a classic open world but will allow the player to return to visit previous areas of the game.

The news comes from a report of Destructoid, which relaunches the words of the associate creative director, Paul Crocker:

“[Halo Infinite, ed.] It takes place in a vast and expansive world. We have a storyline that will take you through it and that will actually unlock some areas. But as you proceed, you will have the option to go back and explore it at your leisure. There is a lot to discover in the game world ”.

Further details were provided by Jerry Hook, head of design at Halo Infinite, who explained how this structure affects the evolution of Master Chief's equipment during the adventure:

“Chief, as he explores the ring, he will find new equipment. He will always find different ways to improve it. And it's not just a question of power, but also of options for the player. We want to make sure that players will have the ability to move forward the way they want to play the game. "

Hook's words suggest a backtracking mainly aimed at recovering weapons and equipment that the player initially missed during his first pass, probably functional to obtain a greater variety of possible approaches towards the subsequent areas of the game world.