Here we are! Nvidia confirmed the date for his next one GeForce Special Event, the keynote dedicated to the latest news on But by the full GPU acceleration tech of the green team. But will it really be like this? The next 1 September 2020 we will be able to get a little taste of the next ones RTX series 3000?

Nvidia RTX 3000 GeForce EventThe account Twitter has started a real countdown for the event, which will mark the 21 years activity of the company. In fact, every day, images will be posted that will tell the evolution of graphics cards in the last twenty years.

And considering that the countdown will stop with theirs great ad closing, it is evident how the company of Jensen Huang want to start a new path with a bang. And what better way to start in fourth place than the competition (AMD and newcomer Intel) except with a radical change to the entire market?