Phil Spencer he is known for his role within Microsoft but also for his often generous words towards competitors, especially towards Nintendo. Relations between the Japanese and the American company are excellent, but the words of the head of the Xbox division always surprise, making us reflect on how much more mature and rational people who work in the sector are than simple consumers.

Guest to one broadcast within Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Phil Spencer has indeed spoken of Nintendo declaring that the latter has the best first party titles, given that all Nintendo games are able to "blend" perfectly with the hardware they run on, creating unique experiences.

“What sets Nintendo apart is that they think of games, hardware and platforms as one, building experiences.

In this area, things are often not very successful and there is a certain degree of unpredictability, but Nintendo is a master at what it does and I think they have the best first party titles in the industry. They are a jewel that we should all protect. "

Really beautiful words those of Phil Spencer to Nintendo, which had already praised the Japanese company in the past. What do you think?