epic Games is no stranger to coming into conflict with other companies, but this time she may have gone further, rebelling against nothing less than Apple and its policy on in-game purchases. The result? A ban of Fortnite byApp Store and an unprecedented lawsuit.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3It all started after Epic introduced a method to buy into its game V-Bucks (the most famous coin among 9-year-olds cit.) and bypass the surcharge imposed by Apple through the App Store tax. This, according to Apple, resulted in one violation of the App Store Terms of Service and led to the aforementioned ban on the game.

In response, Epic Games reacted with a series of reruns already budgeted: has first of all done lawsuit to Apple and its policies antitrust in a papyrus of 60 pages; and then take it out on the apple also from the point of view of marketing with a protest video very similar to the "1984" commercial of Macintosh, and in which Epic asks for support from its players.

And it doesn't stop there: now Epic Games is taken even with Google for the same reason. The title was in fact also removed from the Google Play Store and the big G received the same treatment reserved for the Apple. What will this series of events bring? Epic will do it on its own also on Mobile to continue distributing Fortnite on smartphones? Or will he force a truce with the two giants?