Spider-Man Miles Morales, the PS5 exclusive due out later this year, is presented in a new image. New details on the title plot revealed.

Insomniac Games has decided to reveal some information about the expected title starring Miles Morales. The game will take place a year later the facts told in Marvel's Spider-Man, during a winter characterized by a war between an energy corporation and a technologically advanced criminal group. For the occasion, a brand new image was released directly from the game.

Here are the first details provided by Brian Horton, creative director of the game:

“This is a complete arc for Miles Morales, sWe are completing the training of this hero in our game. It is a complete story. If the story of Peter Parker stems from tragedy, that of Miles it comes more from the family. What I think is really interesting about the new protagonist is that he has friends that he could bring into his particular life. His approach is different than Peter Parker's. The storytelling style will be more compact, creating a story with a great emotional impact. "

It is also specified that Miles Morales' Spider-Man will feature different animations and mechanics compared to those already seen for the Spider Man born on PS4.

Are you ready to live this new adventure?