When we talk about Ninja the game to which it is immediately combined is Fortnite, since the great success that the streamer has obtained is thanks to the title of Epic Games.

Yet this time the battle royale has little to do with it, or rather not the one mentioned above: in this case we are talking about the phenomenon of the moment Fall Guys. The game's developers have in fact opened a contest for charity in which the company or person who donates the most will have their skin. At the moment, with $ 200.000, Ninja is in the lead.

The streamer has announced on Twitter his donation, also representing what he would like the character inspired by him to be. Who knows there will be someone else who will surpass this incredible offer and if, therefore, we will see a Ninja themed skin o no.

A very criticized character, but in this case, skin or not, one cannot but appreciate the generous offer that will go to charity.