Amazon GamesWith a short press release, Amazon Games announced that it has reached an agreement with Smilegate for the distribution of its titles on the European and North American markets. Specifically we talk about the game release for 2021, with further details to be provided later.

"Smilegate has a long history of creating great games that players love, built to deliver years of fun - exactly the kind of populated, growing, high-quality online games we want to bring to our users."

These are the words that can be read in an extract from the note appeared on the official website by Amazon Games. Following them, the thoughts of the players immediately moved towards Lost Ark, Very famous MMORPG in South Korea and long awaited by Western players, for several years now. The game never saw the light of day in Europe and North America, stopping at a release on the Russian market over a year ago. This could be the right occasion for the publication of one of the most anticipated online titles of recent years by fans of the genre.