Black Myth: Wu Kong shows up for the first time. What can we expect from this action RPG inspired by the Chinese epic?

Developed by the Chinese Game Science, the title is proposed as a action rpg with cutting-edge technical characteristics, certainly at the height of a triple A title. Inspired by "The journey to the West", a masterpiece of Chinese literature from the late 1500s, the game allows you to take on the role of the Monkey King Sun wukong (the character who inspired Akira Toriyama for Goku's creation) and use his fighting skills in fights that closely resemble those featured in Nioh.

In addition to the gameplay trailer, the software house has also released a video dedicated to the settings, also taken from the pre-alpha version of the game.

At the moment there is talk of a release for PC in 2021, but we do not exclude that Black Myth: Wu Kong can also arrive on Next-gen consoles.