Five Nights at Freddie's is a title that in recent years has been the symbol of the public's renewed interest in horror genre, but it is also a testament to the commitment and passion of its creator Scott Cawthon, which in a few years managed to shoot sequel after sequel, with Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery as the last chapter released. As if that were not enough, Cawthon himself has decided to take the field to lend a hand to his fans, starting the initiative Fazbear Fanverse.

Through this "program affiliation ", Cawthon will actively collaborate with 5 amateur developers, financing projects related to its IP. This type of support will include not just a little help for the PC release of these fangame, but will also include the funds needed to work on the porting to console.

In short, unlike somebody else, Cawthon went into wholesome mode by offering his support to the community around the animatronics that haunt his hellish pizzeria.