A few days ago, we brought back the rumor on a can new version area of Nintendo Switch scheduled for 2021.

According to what the insider and analyst reports Daniel Ahmadin China a version of the Nintendo home console was launched at a price of 35 dollars.

Obviously we are not talking about an authentic console, but a counterfeit model, which often populate the Asian market.
The console esthetically It shows up very similar to the original one, with the double checkr blue and red which however cannot be released.
The clone also has the ability to function both in fixed mode and portatile.

You do not know theinternal hardware, but as you can see from the video, this Nintendo Switch points to emulate 2D games like Final Fight e Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, therefore not able to run more technically advanced titles but suitable mostly for the retrogaming.

Probably Nintendo will block the sale given its strict policy in terms of copyright.