The DivisionThe month of September opens with a welcome gift from Ubisoft, which it makes available for free the first chapter of The Division.

The game is a looter shooter set in a Manhattan plunged into chaos after the explosion of a so-called pandemic. Green poison, a particularly resistant strain of smallpox that spread via banknotes on Black Friday and led to the deaths of 95% of the population. It has a component PvE which takes place in the most iconic places of the lower part of the island and the infamous Black Zone PvP, where to fight with other players for the rarest loot.

The Division is already free to download in the PC version by logging in at this link and will remain available until 10 am on 8 September. Once added to your Uplay account, it will be permanently added to your library. The game version is the basic version but, for the occasion, the season pass with all the DLCs is also available for purchase with a huge discount.