The world of politics over the years has had to adapt upon arrival of new technologies and with the arrival of the lockdown causes COVID, party leaders are looking for a way to carry out their propaganda without creating crowds. And right in the pre-presidential election period in America, the representative of the Democrats Joe Biden he found in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to get closer to the most undecided electorate: young people.

In fact, for some days now, the former vice president now competing with <br><br>Donald Trump for the armchair of White House Washington has made several available custom designs through the internet, and users did the rest, sharing hundreds of images on social networks.

Interviewed by CNN, the creator of this partnership Christian Tom expressed his "two cents" on this bizarre collaboration:

“Animal Crossing is a dynamic, diverse and powerful platform that brings communities from the world together. It is an exciting new opportunity for our campaign to approach and connect supporters of Biden and Kamala Harris even as they build and decorate their islands. "