AppleIn recent weeks the discussion on the measures of theApple's App Store considered too restrictive for cloud gaming. Especially from Microsoft, which had raised its voice after giving up on bringing its service xCloud on the devices of the Cupertino house.

Things now seem to have changed: Apple has in fact revised the regulation of the App Store, opening to the landing of cloud gaming platforms with subscription subscription. Interested companies such as Microsoft, Sony, Nvidia and Google will therefore be able to provide their services, provided that each single title proposed has its own dedicated application on the store, complete with ratings and reviews as is the case for all the others. Once launched, in all probability, they will connect with the streaming platform and start the game.

“Games offered by a streaming game service provided by subscription will have to be downloaded directly from the App store and will have to be structured in such a way as to avoid duplicate payments by subscribers. They should not disadvantage non-subscriber customers " we read in the new guidelines published in the "Developer" section of the official website.

According to Apple, this will allow service providers to publish an App with their catalogs and then the related application for each individual game. The move is defined as an awareness of the company on how users are changing the way they use and interact with the world of entertainment.

However, it remains to be discovered how the various market players will accept the new measures and whether these will be enough to convince them to back down.