Xbox series sIn the past few hours, on the net, the question about what would have been the capabilities of Xbox Series S in backward compatibility. It all sprang from a Digital Foundry analysis which he speculated as the new economic console from Microsoft it would hardly have supported the One X versions of the games of the current generation. An observation that is as legitimate as it is obvious, since Series S was born with a target aimed at 1440p and 120fps maximum, without support for native 4K. However, this has generated more than a doubt in the minds of the players, who have begun to ask further questions about the actual validity of a console not able, apparently, to run current-gen games better than One X already does.

To clarify, he thought about it a spokesperson for Microsoft who issued the following statement:

“Xbox Series S has been designed to be the most accessible next-generation console and will run next-gen games at 1440p and 60fps. To provide the highest quality experience in backward compatibility and consistent with the developers' original intent, Xbox Series S will support the Xbox One S version of backward compatible games, while still applying texture filtering improvements, higher and more consistent frame rates, more fast and Auto HDR ”.

As easily predictable then, One X versions will not be supported of the titles of this generation, designed for 4K. On the other hand, however, as emerges from this statement, Series S will offer a One S version of the backward compatible titles, which will enjoy several technical improvements.

Additional benefits are expected for games with unlocked framerate and dynamic resolution, while some first party titles that have already received an enhanced version for One X (such as Forza Horizon 4 and Gears 5), can be updated to take advantage of the greater power of the new consoles, as shown by Microsoft itself in in-depth video by Xbox Series S.