Although the PlayStation 5 Showcase, the event of tomorrow 16 September that should reveal the last details of the new Sony console, is approaching, the rumors keep chasing each other. The main topic of these first unofficial news is obviously the price.

One of the sources of the rumors is the authoritative US news agency Bloomberg. In fact, in a recent article, the financial newspaper examined Sony's production problems during the pandemic. According to reports, of the 15 million units expected to be ready for sale by March 2021, Sony will only be able to produce 11 million. A cut of almost a third of production, despite the announced increase in the number of consoles produced by the end of the year.

The problem behind this drop in production would be a processor chip that is causing problems and not performing optimally. This situation initially caused fear of an increase in the price of the console due to lack of supply, but it doesn't seem so. In fact, in the same article Bloomberg reports other rumors relating to the cost of the two versions of PS5. The most expensive, the one with a disc player, should be around a price of $ 450, with the digital version remaining under $ 400. If this were the case, they would be competitively priced compared to the Xbox competition, at least as regards the more performing version.

These news were then confirmed in some pictures that are running on social media these days. Certainly less reliable sources of Bloomberg, but sources other than those of the agency that roughly confirm the rumors.

We just have to wait for tomorrow, at 22:00 Italian time, when the price and launch date of the PlayStation 5 will be made official.