As promised a few days ago, Fortnite will soon be much more aesthetically beautiful. At the presentation event of the RTX 3000 GPU last week, Nvidia and Epic that the technologies of ray tracing and DLSS would arrive "soon" also on Fortnite. That "soon" now has a date, the 17 September 2020.

From reflections to shadows, from ambient occlusion to global illumination, everything related to light in all Fortnite modes will be improved by the introduction of these technologies. Reflections on all glossy surfaces in the game will now be much more realistic. Shadows will stretch across the screen becoming less and less clear as the light source that generates them moves away. All these changes should make the light more dynamic, assuming you have a next generation console, or a powerful enough video card. 

And just to explore the potential of their new hardware, Nvidia worked with Epic on the creation of an exclusive map for Creative Mode. In “RTX Treasure Run” players will land in front of a museum and participate in a treasure hunt. Each area of ​​the map, from a room full of mirrors to a medieval castle, is designed to enhance the potential of ray tracing. This should also satisfy Creative Mode users, which they had in recent months expressed their frustration for lack of updates and new additions.

But the improvements will not only touch the graphics sector of Fortnite. Technology DLSS Nvidia will in fact improve the frame rate using a neural network driven by artificial intelligence. In addition, the next patch will also introduce Reflex tech, Nvidia's technology designed to reduce latency.