Pre-Orders for Nvidia RTX 3080 and PlayStation 5 are already sold out, after less than 24 hours the stocks in many of the digital stores worldwide have evaporated in the air and although many of the orders come from real players who can't wait to get their hands on the merchandise, some of them were created by speculators through a series of muzzle.

What you see in the image is BouncerAlerts, a program that automatically creates multiple orders and checkouts, generating an artificial request to clog the stores. There are those who stayed up late to use it and there are those who took advantage of Sony's gaffe, which opened pre-orders a few hours before the set time, to be clever and take hundreds of video cards or consoles home. The next step? Resell the Pre-Orders on Ebay to recover the amount spent.

In short, after Super Mario 3D All-Stars, the scalpers ruined the celebrations of the new generation. Will the same happen with Xbox Series X? We'll see.