Spyro 4, according to a job announcement posted by the Toys for Bob team, may be in development. Comeback on next gen coming?

The return of the purple dragon could be in the pipeline at the studio that has already dealt with the comeback of Crash Bandicoot thanks to the N.Sane Trilogy and the awaited Crash Bandicoot 4: It's Abaut Time. The software house also took care of the remake of the first Spyro, then why exclude the arrival of the fourth chapter?

Just in these hours, the boys of Toys for Bob announced via Twitter that they are looking for a Technical Artist with experience to participate in the processing of a new triple A.

Now, if we want to be precise, the background color of the ad and that of the company contacts are one familiar violetdon't you think? It is in fact the same shade of the dragon born in Activision, there is no doubt about this.

Can we start keeping our fingers crossed for a return of Spyro to Next Gen?