Have you ever wanted to call Iron Man? Now you can do it, really. The superhero's phone number was recently revealed by the company in the pages of Thor # 7. By calling the number you see in the image below (in case you call from Italy you have to put the prefix 001 before it) Tony Stark will answer you.

Thor # 7 was released this week. Written by Donny Cates with artwork by Aaron Kuder, the issue is about Thor's trusty hammer, Mjolnir. The God of Thunder leaves his hammer to be found by someone else. A man named Adam arrives and calls Iron Man on the scene. But the hero is curious to know how this man found his personal phone number and sees the bitter surprise.

You don't pay anything for the call but, in case you don't want to make it, know that the Iron Man answering machine will answer you, with a listless voice, it will tell you the following:

“Hi, Yes I'm Iron Man, but due to a big blond idiot I don't use this number anymore, but hey, nice try anyway .. For all things related to Tony Stark visit www.TonyStarkIronMan.com and uh, try to stay safe out there? .. I'm busy enough already. "