The Tokyo Games Show 2020 was also the venue for the conference of Koei Tecmo, who used the event to bring new information about Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, prequel of Breath of the Wild set 100 years earlier the events of Link's latest adventure.

The new game trailer is dedicated to four champions of Hyrule and their special abilities: Mipha it is able to create tsunamis and tornadoes of water; with its protection, Daruk he is able to throw himself like a bowling ball to eliminate enemies in a single strike, or jump from some slopes; the lightning of Urbosa it can pulverize any obstacle in a single instant; RevaliFinally, it can rise into the air creating a tornado sharp as a blade, and then strike from above with his bow.

Furthermore, through a gameplay, we discover that in this new musou title it will also be possible to use the Sheikah IMPA, unable to use his Sheikah tablet to create clones and energy balls.

Finally, it appears that Link will have a trusted companion in his ranks: a mini-guardian, who will follow him during the adventure.