“The video game industry has been hit by a DokiDoki Bomb. Subsequently, the madness continued and became a series ". With these words, Inti Creates announces, on the occasion of the TGS 2020, the return of the first Gal * Gun with a console remake of Current genGal * Gun Returns.

For the less informed on the subject, Gal * Gun is a shooter on rails that sees as the protagonist the classic Japanese student which, thanks to a mess caused by the Pheromone Shot of the angel Patako, will become super popular and will be harassed by the attention of her schoolmates. The boy will then have to make his way through hordes of horny girls and teachers, in order to conquer one of the three selectable girls: KanameAkiraKaoruko. From Gal * Gun 2 instead, the angel also returns surprisingly Ekoro, which has now become the brand's mascot.

Gal * Gun Returns will come out on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch the next January 28 2021, with a release on Steam scheduled for February. But if you don't feel like waiting, you can always "get some culture" with Episode 16 of Bad Taste games.