Kunimitsu is back! The ninja excommunicated by the Manji Clan, and therefore Yoshimitsu's rival since her debut in Tekken on PS1, he will be one of two new characters to be added via DLC during the new Seasonings 4 di Tekken 7.

In fact, the newcomer appears to be the daughter of the original Kunimitsu which, a bit like Julia Chang replaced Michelle Chang from Tekken 3 onwards, will have the original fighting style we all know, with the addition of new moves and the classic Rage Arts and Rage Drive. Furthermore, this new Kunimitsu finally has a recognizable face and only one task: steal Yoshimitsu's cursed blade.

In addition to Kunimitsu, Season 4 (scheduled for Autumn 2020) will bring with it the new stage Vermillion Gates and the following game changes:

  • New moves
  • Tekken Prowess
  • Updated User Interface
  • Renewed Ranking System
  • Upgraded Online Gameplay