Xbox Series X and Series S won't be Microsoft's latest consoles, Phil Spencer himself confirms. What can we expect in the future?

Microsoft's executive vice president of gaming confirmed the company's willingness to focus both on the cloud and on the hardware also in the future, confirming the desire of the same to create new consoles in the future. Despite the increasingly massive presence of cloud gaming services such as Xcloud from Microsoft itself, Google Stadia and the brand new Amazon Luna, the console market will be supported for a long time to come. Interviewed by Yahoo Finance, Spencer said on the matter:

“We intend to put the player in the center, not the device. You can see it in any other media: TV is with me wherever I go, music is with me everywhere. I'm in control of the experience and I think video games are undergoing the same transformation, as demonstrated by the fact that, if you are enrolled in Xbox Game Pass, you can play those titles on Xbox, PC or Android smartphone ”. As for future hardware, I am absolutely convinced that there will be more consoles in the coming years. As with video and music content, streaming hasn't cut out innovation in terms of hardware. I think we will continue to see it and it is something that we are absolutely planning ”.

The future of Xbox therefore it won't be just digital, but the physical market will still be supported. Good news for anyone who does not have a state of the art internet connection or who prefer to collect consoles and video games.