The last Pokémon Direct dedicated to the next DLC of Sword and Shield Pokémon dedicated to the new location of the Landa Corona, and which will have as main themes the adventure the hunt for Legendary Pokémon.

The first two announcements focused on Slowking of Galar and on Dynamax adventures. If the former is a regional variant of the Slowpoke alternative evolution (introduced in 2nd Gen) of type Psycho / Poison, the second is a new co-op game mode that will allow you to explore dungeons infested with Raid Dynamax. Through this mode, it will also be possible to capture various Legendary Pokémon of the past, including Dialga, Giratina e Rayquaza.

Once you have completed your journey in the Crown Rift, it will be possible to participate in the Galarian Star Tournament, a new Multi Battle tournament that will see the participation of most of the characters encountered during the adventure.

Finally, the next update will include a new item: the Ability Patch. This item will allow you to change the ability of one of your Pokémon, replacing it with theirs Hidden Ability. Who knows, maybe now that Scorebunny 6IV with the right nature will count for something in competitive battles.

The “Landa Corona” DLC will be available starting next year October 22, 2020. For the occasion, Pokémon Sword and Shield will be re-released in stores through a special bundle Game + DLC, available in stores next November 11, 2020.