Animal Crossing: New Horizons is updated with the free Halloween themed patch 1.5.0. Ready for the scariest event of the year?

From midnight today the new update which, in addition to introducing the autumn novelties, adds the activities related to the Halloween party. For the occasion, Nintendo has released the following video and the following official press release:

Thanks to the patch, you can perform the following activities:

  • Preparations for Halloween: To prepare for the big day, players can start stocking up on candy early. At the Sisters Ago e Filo shop, during the month of October, it is possible to buy costumes, including a witch costume or a mummy costume. Body paint and colored contact lenses are available by exchanging Nook miles. Resident friends will also hand out Halloween-themed patterns;
  • Celebrations for Halloween Night - On Halloween night, October 31 after 17:00, the inhabitants will gather in the square which will be adorned with a series of themed decorations. Players will also receive a visit from a mysterious guest: Jack, the "Halloween Tsar". By offering Jack lollipops and candy, players earn spooky rewards in the game. Storing candy for dweller friends helps players avoid being fooled by them. Fortunately, it is possible to learn a couple of new reactions to appropriately express feelings of fear;
  • Cultivation of Pumpkins - Pumpkin Sprouts are available in the game at Florindo all year round or in Nook's Shop in October only. Once the pumpkins have grown, they can be harvested and used in pumpkin-based projects;
  • Favorite Dream List - After inserting this function in the course of the summer, it is now possible to draw up a list of their favorite islands to visit in dreams, making it easier to reach them again at any time;
  • NookLink update - The NookLink service in the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app will also receive an update in early October. Players will be able to use their device to perform reactions in the game. How about using it for this occasion?

Looking forward to the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Christmas patch waiting for end of November, you just have to have fun during the scariest night of the year. Make Fifonio proud of you!