Compared to other companies, Nintendo has always dealt with the theme of piracy in the most classic way: court, 1v1, lawyers only rather than relying on tougher security systems for their consoles and with Nintendo Switch the story hasn't changed.

Nintendo Switch PiracyA few months ago, Nintendo released several lawsuits against various individuals and retailers which, to facilitate the disclosure of piracy on the hybrid console, they offered soft-mod and hard-mod services paid. The first of these, and which saw the giant of Kyoto opposed with Tom Dilts Jr. e UberChips, ended with a landslide victory for Mario's mustache, which will be compensated with ben 2 Millions of dollars, to cover the damages.

Furthermore, Tom Dilts Jr. will no longer be able to operate with his UberChips group, whether it's his business as a reseller or the social profile of the project. Finally, the domain will be transferred to Nintendo itself.