Il debate television between Joe Biden and Donald Trump happened a few days ago, created a rather tense climate on the internet, to the point of forcing Nexus Mod, the popular pc modding site, a ban any thread on the subject.

Nexus Mods Trump Biden Elections

According to statements by Robin Scott through a post, the founder of the site, any mod uploaded by the 28 September 2020 onwards it will be carefully considered and removed in case it mentions one of the two political factions (Republicans and Democrats) in any way. This restriction it will apply until the new President of the United States is elected.

Compared to 4 years ago, it seems that the increase of content troll has not only increased in quantity, but it also worsened the overall quality of the mods offered by the site, forcing the founders to distance themselves. This way, the team behind the site would like to keep the environment as much as possible "Stranger from socio-political clashes", inviting disagree users to "Discuss it elsewhere".