As anticipated a few days ago, Masahiro Sakurai hosted another Super Smash Bros. Direct dedicated entirely to Steve & Alex, the two new characters belonging to the world of Minecraft.

Compared to the other characters, Steve can count on one limited mobility not being able to rise in the air for more than a few centimeters without the help of the double jump. However, the complete moveset manages to compensate for this lack. Steve can indeed soar in flight with Elytra, use the trolley and rails to run over their opponents, build blocks to move through the air and block enemy recovery or why not craft and improve their weapons at their disposal.

For this, the player will have to undermine within the stage looking for the materials needed to make the best use of the moveset: iron, wood, redstone, all the most important materials of the title Mojang have been scattered throughout the various stages of the game, forcing the development team to reprogram them. Steve & Alex will be available starting next October 13, 2020, together with the new stage Minecraft World and 7 new themed soundtracks.

Also, along with Steve will come a new wave of Mii Costumes which will see the introduction of: PigCreeper Diamond Armor from Minecraft, Gil da Tower of DruagaBombermanTravis Touchdown da No More Heroes, the series of Suda51.