PlayStation 5 is ready for debut. On November 12, Sony's new console will arrive in the hands of thousands of players who have already ordered it, all over the world. Or better, almost all over the world.

While everyone now knows the price of the console in their respective currencies, No.The cost that the console will have on the Indian market is not yet clear. Not insignificant detail, given the potential that such a populous and growing nation has in terms of sales.

The reason for the delay would be somewhat singular. Sony found that the trademark PlayStation 5 it has already been registered in India. The brand would belong to that Hitesh Aswani, which would have beaten the entertainment multinational by recording it on October 29, 2019.

An advance of three months compared to the practice started by Sony for the registration of its trademark in India, which forced the creators of PlayStation to a legal process. Sony's victory once the case comes before a judge shouldn't be up for debate. That the PlayStation 5 brand belongs to the multinational should be extremely easy to prove.

The times of justice, however, risk delaying the launch of the console on the Indian market. Another problem for Sony, which according to rumors could sell the console at a price higher than the Xbox Series X also in India, thus starting from a double disadvantage compared to the competition in one of the markets with more potential in the world.

It is not the first time that India has played such a joke on a tech multinational. ASUS too faced a similar situation, but coming out with broken bones. In fact, he discovered that the name ZenFone was already owned by the Indian company Zen Mobile. The authorities forced ASUS to change the name of its ZenFone 6 smartphone, which is still sold as ASUS 6z in India.