We all know how Nintendo is aggressive in protecting the intellectual property of its products. We have seen this with the case of Super Mario 64 PC, the Kyoto-based company is always ready to remove from the internet any product that infringes its copyright.

Nintendo's zeal is not limited to video games, however, and to fall victim to it this time is a streamer and star of TikTok. Pokeprincxss, or rather Digitalprincxss after the lawsuit, she is a content creator with almost two million followers. In a recent YouTube video, the girl explained that Nintendo didn't like her name or Pokemon-themed merchandise, and sued her.

Like many others, Digitalprincxss had decided to capitalize on its success on TikTok through merchandise sold on the LegalZoom website. However, the girl's online image revolved around Pokemon, as her tattoos also testify. Consequently, the merchandise was also inspired by the same brand.

"I was young and stupid, I had no idea that what I was doing could have been wrong"

Two months ago, however, it was LegalZoom who informed the girl that Nintendo had ordered them to stop selling its merchandise for copyright infringement. The reason for the anger of the Kyoto house does not seem to be just that. In fact, Digitalprincxss also creates adult content through the OnlyFans site, and if there's one thing Nintendo cares more about than intellectual property, it's its brand image for the whole family.

The cause was relatively quick. The girl changed her nickname and had to return to Nintendo every penny made with merchandise. Despite this misadventure, Digitalprincxss does not seem to have any particular resentment towards Nintendo. At the end of his video he invites his followers to continue supporting the company, ea "Go and buy a Switch".